Wealth Management and Financial Planning for Physicians

MedVest Wealth Management, LLC is a firm dedicated to helping physicians and other professionals realize their financial goals.

As a full-time practicing orthopedic hand surgeon, I know the feeling of not knowing who to trust when it comes to money and financial planning. My goal is to earn your trust and provide a level of transparency that is reflective of my own expectations.

Our Why

I am a financial planner who is also a practicing surgeon and physician.  I understand the rigors of the profession and the unique financial position of physicians.  I can help you navigate other aspects of your practice and decide whether to join an academic or private practice out of residency. 

I want to work with physicians and other professionals to help them achieve their financial goals.

I feel many physicians do not know who to trust when it comes to their money, and I want to provide complete transparency and educate you on the many different aspects of investing.

Debt Management

As physicians, we have a debt management profile that is very unique relative to those in non-medical fields. Many of us often come out of training with $200-400K of debt, but then our salaries can increase by five or even tenfold in one year. It is important to have a strategy to pay off your student loans so that you can have success in building wealth and gaining more financial freedom.

Stock Market Investment

I believe investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to build wealth over the long term. Diversifying your portfolio is critical to success, and I will help you choose which assets fit your risk profile. We will work together to help determine the right mix of stocks and bonds for you and determine which stock market areas are best to help you and your family realize your financial goals.

Bond Investing

Investing in bonds can be an important component of any portfolio. There are many different classes of bonds in which to invest your money, and I can help you determine the right fit for you.

Retirement Planning

Before designing a financial plan and portfolio, it’s essential to have goals in mind. All of us hope to retire someday, but retiring from medicine means different things to different people. Together we can come up with a plan to help give you the best chance of meeting your retirement goals and fully enjoying your retirement.

Physician practice management

The decision to join an academic vs. a private practice is often a difficult one, and there are risks and benefits to both. Having been in private practice for almost ten years, I can help you navigate this decision and guide you to ask the right questions to help you determine what might be the best fit for you.

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About Dr. John Berschback

John has been practicing as a full-time orthopedic hand surgeon in private practice for the past nine years.  As a medical student and resident, he was bombarded with requests to buy certain products and make certain investments he didn’t know much about.  After realizing how much there was to learn, he decided to better educate himself about many different ways to invest his money.  His most important goal in starting this investment advisory firm is to educate high-earning professionals, especially physicians, about developing goals and strategies they can use to help build wealth and minimize risk. 

Physicians are often in a very unique position, with high debt coupled with a high income once they finish their training.  John is interested in helping young physicians avoid making costly mistakes that can set them back financially for years to come.  

John lives in Northwest Wisconsin with his wife and three children.  His hobbies include traveling, golf, and playing anything that uses a racquet or paddle.  He has passed the Series 65 exam and partners with Tradition Wealth Management, LLC to help manage some of the day-to-day investments.  He prides himself on being very honest with clients and providing them with complete transparency regarding fees and portfolio performance.   Just as he puts his patients first when practicing medicine, the needs of his clients are the most important aspect of the business.

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